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Liv With Love

A little compassion can go a long way.

Liv’s business needed a reboot. She needed to build on the good but abandon without reservation every aspect that wasn’t.

How can she rebrand to attract new clients for other services without losing her existing client base?

She’s known in her community, so she has some name recognition no matter how she decides to do this. That said, why not take advantage of that name recognition and make a play on words?

Existing Clientele: She’s Highly Mobile for Limited Mobility Clients

Her existing clients are primarily shut-ins, nursing home residents, and long-time friends. She’s totally mobile. In our discussions of what she does for her clients, we realized she’s providing love, attention, and pampering. Her clients’ loved-ones are often the ones paying her. Therefore, with each appointment, she’s serving at least two people–the resident and his/her loved one.

We devised a strategy for each appointment to build on those existing relationships.

  1. She will take a photo at the end of the appointment and text or email it to their loved one. It’s a reminder to stay in touch when many in nursing homes are forgotten, even if unintentional.
  2. She will leave a “love note” behind with the date and time of the next appointment and comment about something sweet that happened during the appointment. The love note serves both the resident and the paying client. Paying client gets to see how much attention and care is given when they are not available. Resident gets a thoughtful reminder of the upcoming appointment and the last interaction–planting a pleasant thought of Liv every time s/he sees the love note.

The Name

The business name uses her more common nickname and the service she provides–love. (She provides the love through gentle and attentive hair care.) For this audience the business name means, “Live With Love,” which provides loved ones comfort knowing that their elderly loved one is indeed “living with love,” at least for the duration of the appointment. (We’ll build on and extend that feeling for them too with the details below.)

Her New Clientele

The other client base/type of work she’s wanting more of is the date night, prom, and wedding styling. Love notes work equally as well for this audience. For this audience the name is more of a love note from Liv that might resemble a romantic love note. In fact, everything for her existing clientele can easily apply to her new clientele.

The Design

The logo concept plays on this second audience. The logo type is surrounded by a ring of deep red as if from a wine stain on a napkin. Where lipstick kisses would normally be on a napkin, I’ve placed a hairstyle silhouette. These two elements are playing up the romantic evening.

To appeal to both audiences, I had had to use a more universally appealing hair style. Eventually, if Liv wants, she can split the two audiences and swap out the hairstyle for a more age-specific one.

The Colors

I had to keep it simple. The traditional colors of love in any form would be appropriate. Red and black are also classic and bold, which has universal appeal. The passion of red for the date nights suits the teens to mid 60s, and the traditional color for love suits the older generations as well.

The Fonts

The bold, modern typeface of Futura (Liv With) is a lovely contrast with the handwritten style of the script (Love). The contrast provides symbolism of the strong, angular male and the soft, curvy female.


Liv’s newly branded materials and logo express the love she gives to her work and clients. And, we’ve started a client experience that relates to the most basic need to belong and be loved.

mockup of Liv With Love logo
Liv With Love, Rebrand

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