The Disrupters, Design and Career

The Disrupters Podcast

My Design and Career

Candace Thompson and Bill Lee of The Disrupters invited me to chat about design on their podcast, and I had such a great time! Thank you so much for letting me gush about my passion.

We discuss my career evolution and the value of design.

To learn more about Candace and Bill:

Design and My Design Career Episode: Listen to “Fat Dog stops by our studio to talk about design.” on Spreaker.

The Influence of Color

Candace Thompson with Wild Child Group and Bill Lee with Keeba Agency combine to host this podcast called The Disrupters. They invited me, Rhonda Negard, into their studio to discuss the power of color over our psyche, and behaviors. This fun conversation offers a glimpse into just how influential colors can be. Look for future, more in-depth discussions on this very topic.

The Influence of Color: Listen to “Understanding influence of color” on Spreaker.

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