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Lind Pest Control & Inspection Services

Lind Pest Control & Inspection Services has a great reputation in the Tacoma area. However, with a significant transient population thanks to its neighbor, Joint Base Lewis-McChord, newcomers likely skipped right by the original website, which didn’t reflect their excellent reputation and their dedication to serving their employees, customers, and the community. Their community service alone is worthy of recognition!

So, Tactical Social Media asked that Fat Dog Creatives’ Rhonda Negard give them a site worthy of the business and its team.

There was no shortage of content on this site. Lind provides excellent information about pests, what they can destroy, and how common they are. Additionally, the entire Lind team is dedicated to educating their customers and the public about the good pests that we want to keep around and why, like honey bees. The problem was that navigating through all of the information was cumbersome and required too much clicking around and back and forth.

Lastly, while their competitors have great sites, they all look very corporate. That’s great for conveying professionalism. However, the Lind site was redesigned to feel like the homes and friends Lind protects.



Does your website communicate what you’ve intended? Is it out of date?

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