It's okay to not fit in: Embrace the "too"

Embracing the Too

Just last Monday, I was listening to The Women at Work show on Wharton School of Business Radio. The show guest talked about one of her clients who was very different. Rather than getting coached to fit in, look and act like a woman is expected to be in business, this woman embraced her “different” qualities. It’s what made her stand out for promotions, be a leader, and grow her career. She was not traditionally beautiful; she was loud; she was opinionated.

Jocelyn Mozak discusses this very topic and the areas in which she is different.


It’s okay to not fit in.


Jocelyn writes:

I used to think I was “too” much


  • too talkative
  • too vulnerable
  • too intelligent
  • too driven
  • too assertive
  • too needy


You name it, I was “too”.

Interesting how we judge our strongest traits. Those traits that made us uniquely us. The ones that, if we let them, allow us to shine.

Maybe being “too” is a good thing In fact, what if we were “more”.

  • more talkative
  • more vulnerable
  • more intelligent
  • more driven
  • more assertive
  • more needy


Just imagine how amazing your life would be when you showed up 100% as you – true to your gifts and your needs. ? 2020 is here (and I don’t know about you), but I’ve got some BIG goals.

Here’s the thing: I’ve got every intention of hitting each and every one.

It’s going require me to embrace all that makes me TOO and allow myself to become even MORE. I’m ready to become MORE. Are you?


Jocelyn Mozak, Business Coach & Mentor to Creative Professionals


When it comes to branding and design for your business, fitting in is a bad idea. Embrace your too! Your messaging, design, and story should all be different. What’s the gap in your market? How can you fill that gap? Point out that gap and show your clients and potential clients how you fill the gap – how your services satisfy a need, solve a problem – make it a solution to a problem they may or may not know they have.

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