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Flavor of Success

How many times have I failed?

What do I count as a failure? If I learn from an experience, is it still a failure?

One of the most memorable messages I heard from Pastor Earle at Shoreline Christian was,:

“It’s not that you fall that defines you. It’s not that you get up. It’s how you get up.”

After my divorce in 2008, I became active in two different churches. I wanted variety in experiences and people. I failed at marriage once. I wasn’t about to do that again. I wanted to learn. I wanted to grow. I wanted to make sure I found a man who would help me grow in my faith and grow with me in that.

That’s what I did. That’s who I found. That’s what we’re doing.

I wanted to make sure that how I got back up would be significant and a meaningful definition of my character.

So, I consider the entire “process” as a learning and growth experience.

What have you failed at doing or being? Did you make a conscious effort to learn and grow from it?

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