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Wrinkles are like battle scars. Quote by Richelle Goodrich

Wrinkles, Victories, & Wisdom

My husband has had these adorable smile lines and wrinkles by his eyes. He’s had them since before I met him more than ten years ago. I know he’s prefer they not be there.

As we age together, we’ve added more wrinkles and scars. 10-20 years ago, I’d have hated the idea of more. But, we have a story. They’re part of our story. If or when our scars can be reminders to us or serve as warnings or testaments to others, we can share the stories that go with each one.

Everyone has a story.

I have a scar on my stomach and down my leg that I was born with. Those who grew up with me might remember that, and they might also remember seeing it. I hid it as much as I could. It did have an affect on my life. I spent many years replaying a scene from childhood, when a friend’s parent said I was dirty and couldn’t play inside until I cleaned myself up. I walked home crying knowing I couldn’t clean it off.

When I was a teen, I decided I didn’t need to be ashamed of something that didn’t mean anything about who I was and had no effect on my health.

I’ve made a lot of stupid decisions in my life, especially while I was a teenager. How I managed to make such a sound decision at that time is beyond me. But, I’m so grateful I did. My confidence soared…too high at times…and that helped me grow beyond what I thought was a limitation.

When my husband said we could look into having it removed, I didn’t feel the need pursue it.

Often, we find the pain we experienced with the scars can comfort (and strengthen) those experiencing something similar. Because we know others will go through something equally significant in their lives, it’s important that we not shy away from showing our scars and sharing our stories.

We want others to triumph and grow through adversity like we have. And…we all benefit knowing we are never alone.

What scars do you have? How do you feel about yours?

Someone asked me, “Why are you sharing this? It’s so personal and has nothing to do with business or design.” Oh, but it does, my friend. It’s part of the process to get out of my own way and pursue my dreams. I share it because I know there’s someone out there has been in the same mindset or had similar experiences. Now, they can see that there’s someone who can relate. They also might see how the experience is a piece of a larger mosaic of life. It might be broken, but the pieces create something more unique and beautiful.

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