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Marketing Your Brand With a Family of Colors

I started 2021 as a guest on the Smart Marketing Show podcast. I always enjoy talking with them and their enthusiasm.

Show Summary

You have a business and a logo. Awesome. You may even have memorized your color’s hex code. But what about different moods? What color shouldn’t be used in your logo?

On this episode, Jason and Bridget will chat with Rhonda Negard of FatDogCreatives.com. We’ll talk about what to do and what not to do. Open your brand’s color palette with moods.


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Show Timestamps

00:05:13 What is the main color palette?

00:07:31 Your action color is for buttons and links.

00:08:03 How to Add Tints and Shades

00:11:22 Do You Have Brand Guidelines?

00:12:12 Bridget Leaks “Launch With Words” Plugin

00:15:14 Use Coolors.co to choose darker shades for Heading colors.

00:17:53 Playing with your archetypes.

00:20:22 Color can stop scrolling.

00:23:50 What’s the use case for a mood palette?

00:29:44 What Shouldn’t You Do With Color?

00:31:22 Consider Other Versions of Your Color Combos

00:33:06 Brand Colors and Colorblindness

00:33:51  Toptal Color Blind Checker

00:35:42 Ensure Color is Culturally Appropriate – A Story


Visit the Smart Marketing Show episode page for a complete transcript.

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