The Builders Podcast With Matt Levenhagen & Rhonda Negard

Watch Episode 47: Meet Rhonda Negard – Her Story Becoming a Business Owner, Leaving Corporate to Build a Business & More on the Builders Podcast Website and see his show notes.

This episode emphasizes the importance of networking, which is exactly how Matt Levenhagen and I connected.

Why I don’t call my business an agency or subcontract work

  • Client gets direct access to resources
  • Business Owner / Branding & Web Designers plus….
  • Why Knowing my limits is important

My Origin Story: How I became a “Business Owner”

Why “Fake it ’til you make it” is deceptive

  • When presented with an opportunity and you know a little, do you take it?
  • Reframing is important for your mindset and integrity.
  • Do you know everything? Do people think we know it all?

Speakers, Experts, and Claiming Your Space

  • Just because someone is speaking in front of the room doesn’t mean they’re an expert at everything or even the subject-mater discussed. They usually are the fist ones to say, “Yes.”
  • Authenticity is just sharing what you know or what you’re currently working on/experiencing at that time.
  • No need to be an expert before speaking, writing/publishing

How LinkedIn launched my business after a layoff

  • Hit the pavement
  • Networking, a learned skill that needs ongoing practice
  • Missteps
  • Matt’s experience
  • What happens after layoffs
  • I started with what I knew.
  • Lessons learned working for and with someone else

I’m constantly learning!

How to leap from a job to working for yourself

  • Let your employment/job, fund your dream.
  • Treat the freelance money like it’s your only income.
  • Treat it like a business.
  • Learn what business processes you need.
  • Create your runway first.
  • Start networking while you’re employed.

The Wrap-Up

I hope you enjoy the conversations in this podcast. Matt’s naturally ability to facilitate an easy conversation should also make it easy for you to listen. Also, check out Episode 46: Meet Bridget Willard – Her Journey, Mental Health Challenges, Finding Your “Why”, Branding & Social Media. Bridget’s journey with her business is relatable and makes a tale of warning into hope.

My guest Bio is on The Builder Podcast’s website.

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