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For those special client projects or for ongoing work, we can collaborate on:

  • Web

  • Branding

  • Events

  • Marketing

  • Presentations

I created process maps to help identify where we can start and stop projects together. Many agencies hire me for web design that developers implement, build sites that designers create, and execute the creative for visual branding.

Branding & Brand Identity

Whether you do the initial brand profile, messaging, and strategy, or you leave that to me, we can work together to create visual branding to support it.

Website Design & Development

Working with creative agencies and developers on website design, I provide mockups of the homepage, first-level pages, and a sub-page.

Do you need design only?

Here's what you can expect to receive:

  • Mockups are created with Adobe Illustrator.
  • All individual design elements and images are saved at their intended desktop dimensions (no resizing necessary).
  • File sizes are generally less than 100k (some featured or hero images may be larger).
  • PNG and JPG files are supplied with the native mockup file. SVG files are provided upon request at no additional charge.

Do you need design and development?

Let's chat! Hosting is important, and having access to FTP or CPanel is required, except for sites to be hosted on

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Why Clients Love

Working With Fat Dog Creatives

Testimonials From Real Clients

Testimonials From Real Clients

As creative myself, I know how important is it to work with someone whom you feel completely seen by. This is especially important when it comes to branding as your brand is essentially a graphical representation of you.

I knew when I hired Rhonda I was in safe and capable hands. I had seen her work with peers I respected. Yet, even so, I was blown away by her skills.

Rhonda proved not only to be an exceptional artist, but deeply intuitive. She captured my colors, my energy and my passion all in a single element. Each and every time I look at my logo ... I am inspired.

Photo of Jocelyn Mozak, Web Developer

Jocelyn Mozak

Agency Owner, Mozak Design

Good branding and good design produces results. It’s that simple. Rhonda, Fat Dog Creatives, took me through the rebranding process. Then, we collaborated on a redesign of my website, my bounce rate went down 10% — overnight. The time on site rose to well above 3 minutes, which means, visitors are spending more time on the page — actually reading and looking it over!

I have never felt so loved and empowered as I do right now. She understands my brand. She understands me. If you are on the fence about hiring Rhonda, get off the fence and get in touch with her.

Bridget Willard

Bridget Willard, LLC

Social Media Consultant

Rhonda is the absolute best graphic designer/creative person. I've used Fat Dog Creatives for two completely different businesses and am always surprised at how far she exceeds my expectations. Rhonda takes your vision and brightens it - turning it into a dream come true. I truly feel like there is not anybody who could have brought my vision to life like she has. She does an incredible job. A dream to work with. So thankful to have known someone that recommended her to me. Don't look elsewhere, Fat Dog Creatives is #1.

photo of Mona Chmeis

Mona C.

Owner, LiVEgan

Amazing combination of savvy business woman & insightful artist

Rhonda is an amazingly talented combination of savvy business woman and incredibly insightful artist. Her ability to create the collateral which helps companies share their message in multiple mediums is unmatched. She has the technical skills to ensure the design and content of both website and print convey the same feel.

Photo of Keith Besherse

Keith B.

Marketing Consultant

Rhonda takes great care of her clients. She really listens and draws out important details that help her clients build their brands.

photo of Tamara Hanks

Tamara Hanks

Owner & Designer, Hanks Design

General Inquiries

Agencies and Associations

For a problem-solving creative and front-end developer to assist your team and for associations and other organizations hosting events and need a design partner, please complete the following form.

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