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  • Branding

    A Plan for Brand Personality, Colors, Logo, Fonts

  • Web

    Design & Front-End Dev

  • Event Design

    Exhibits, Trade Shows

  • Editorial

    Multi-page Layout, Publication

  • Marketing

    Digital & Print

Editorial /
Layout & Design

Design for content, or a content-first approach, and for the reader is the primary focus in order to honor the needs of the content and its goals for the reader. The reader must be able to smoothly transition through the copy. Images are for rest and reinforcement of the copy's message.

Bernese Mountain Dog

Good design matters.

It aids in elevating the position in the market.

From lifestyle, regional magazines to educational books, magazines, and other long-form content position your business and a leader and lend credibility.

Editorial designers determine how the information is shared, presented, and understood.

For example, magazine content requires adherence to strict grid design with creative compositions, typography, and brand standards to keep the publication consistent throughout multiple volumes since the magazine itself is a brand.

Catalogs are for "window-shopping" at home or in the office.
The organization of the items, pricing, descriptions, and order process can make the difference in sales and sales volume or no sales at all. Hierarchy of the information is key as well as identifying which pieces of content demand more attention than others.

The Pro's Guide

“Reading is essential for those who seek to rise above the ordinary.”

Jim Rohn

What's Needed to Get Started?

  • Content

    Your content comes in several forms:

    Text, aka copy or the words
    Images, aka assets, include:
    product, location, and employee photos, and stock photos and graphics
    If you need additional stock photography, the costs for those images will be invoiced separately.

  • Brand Standards

  • Purpose

    Before we get started, we discuss the purpose of the project, where and how it will be distributed, and to whom the project will be delivered. All of this effects the dimensions, layout, and other features, like interactive buttons for electronic delivery projects.

    Provide all content prior to start of project.

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