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Your Goals, Your Clients, Their Needs

Editorial Design

Design for content, or a content-first approach, and for the reader is the primary focus in order to honor the needs of the content and its goals for the reader. The reader must be able to smoothly transition through the copy. Images are for rest and reinforcement of the copy's message.

Layout Samples

The Smalley Institute, Catalogue Reimagined

The original request was to create a flyer. However, given the incredible amount of content, a flyer just wouldn't do. While the new catalog has considerably more pages, it is easy to read, skim, and digest all of the information.

Texas Apartment Association, Annual Convention Program

Wanting to go a different direction with the design, TAA provided more narrative and engaging content. We used more imagery and white space to facilitate reading, something the staff wanted to encourage. The content was meaningful to their members and helpful during the convention.

Creative Alliance of Tacoma, Magazine Mockup

Using articles and blogs from local creatives, this mockup was intended to demonstrate the value the local creatives provide to the business community and economy at large.

Sujo John 9/11 Memorial Newsletter

On the anniversary of the 9/11 tragedy, pastor and humanitarian, Sujo John, wanted to create a newsletter that would honor the victims and their families, as well as remind all survivors and Americans of the incredible heroism of that day and the days and years that followed.

Employee Benefits Booklet

Because employee perks and expectations can be a bit uninteresting to read, the client and I worked to create an easy-to-skim booklet highlighting the chunks of information potential and new employees would most want to know.

Austin Technology Council's CEO Summit

The program included the agenda, sponsor and attendee directory, and letter from the president. Much of the information would not arrive until just before the print deadline, so the data was in a spreadsheet, including associated images, and data-merged with the Indesign document.

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