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The Mutt

Fetching Your Clients

Marketing Design

Get your message read! Inspire action!

Many projects include designs for both print and web. Let’s discuss your needs, marketing opportunities available, and options that fit both your needs and opportunities.

Promotional Products

Whether it’s shirts, pens, magnets, toy cars, branded candy, or koozies, I work with Armadillo Advertising and Crown Creative Marketing for reliable, quality products and service.

Your Voice to Your Clients

Marketing designs with your brand, clients, and goals in mind

Tail Tales Blog

Liv With Love

The original request was to create a flyer. However, given the incredible amount of content, a flyer just wouldn't do. While the new catalog has considerably more pages, it is easy to read, skim, and digest all of the information.

A little compassion can go a long way.

Liv’s business needed a reboot. She needed to build on the good but abandon without reservation every aspect that wasn’t.

How can she rebrand to attract new clients for other services without losing her existing client base?

She’s known in her community, so she has some name recognition no matter how she decides to do this. That said, why not take advantage of that name recognition and make a play on words?

mockup of Liv With Love magazine ad
mockup of Liv With Love products
mockup of Liv With Love love notes
mockup of Liv With Love logo
mockup of Liv With Love love notes
mockup of Liv With Love business cards
mockup of Liv With Love pattern

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