After years of frustration with templates for invoicing, I created my own. Then, I realized other designers, especially beginners, might appreciate this template too and avoid their own frustrations.

  1. The file contains 4 layers. I keep 3 layers locked. The only one that stays unlocked for editing both client billing and your business information is entitled “Fill-in”. The areas to edit are highlighted in yellow and pink. (The yellow and pink highlights will not display in an exported PDF or when printed.)
  2. I used standard fonts that most users should have: MinionPro, Myriad, and Times New Roman.
  3. In the area entitled “Your Logo”, you can either type your business name or place (Command + D on Macs, Control D on PCs) your logo image file.

The sample invoice template for InDesign, includes both an indd and idml file for legacy versions of Adobe’s Creative Suite.

You may also be interested in this sample deposit invoice, which is a slight tweak on the invoice.

Happy designing…and invoicing!

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