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In just 5 weeks you'll clarify your brand so you can move into your growth stage!

Sign up for info when enrollment begins again! Look for a "Sprint" version of the course for those needing fill their time during the holiday season from November to January.

Bridging the gap between education and experience.

A live digital course for those wanting to experience working with and learning the processes of a seasoned pro.

Are you spinning, sitting still, or lost?

Does this sound like you?

No one seems to remember or know what I do.

I don't seem to attract people who want or can afford my services.

I know how to design but don't know what branding is.

I don't know how to begin the branding process.

Isn't branding just logo design?

I have so many interests. How do I choose one thing?


You are not alone!

Entrepreneurs of all stages have these struggles and spent a lot of money for services they think will solve the problems.

There's a huge gap between the theoretical, academic practices, and the experience of design and branding in the real world.

That's why I created this course—
to bridge that gap and give you a more thorough experience.


More than just a name/more than a logo.

You can be clearer. That clarity will help keep you focused on who and what you are, as well as who and how you serve.

For designers, this process is how you demonstrate your expertise to your clients and potential clients.

Get Started Building Your Brand

Compare the founder's price (anyone signing up in 2020) to the pricing for 2021.


$ 99
  • Week 1: Introduction, Core Values, Nuances
  • Week 2: Brand Attributes & Ideal Client Profiles
  • Week 3: Brand Archetypes & Intro to Colors
  • Week 4: Visual Personality, Color Palettes, & Typography
  • Week 5: Questions, Progress Reporting, Demonstration of a Client Design Process
  • Week 6: Bonus Session for Design Feedback, Direction, and Goals


$ 549
  • Brand Archetypes
  • Core Value
  • Brand Attributes
  • Ideal Client Profile
  • Design Process

Pay by credit card: Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express

Registration Info Now Available + Enrollment!

Classes begin on September 15 from 6–7 PM Central.


Gap Branding


In this live webinar series, you will go through my branding workshop that's part of all of my branding packages as a group. You will identify your:

  • Core values
  • Attributes for six key perspectives
  • Develop your brand personality

You'll finish this series with a solid foundation for your brand that provides you with the clarity you need to focus on your clients.


In this live webinar series, you will be both the client and the designer. Your branding cohort will move from start to finish through the branding process. You will learn the process as the service provider while also experiencing it as a client. I will walk you through my process so you can:

  • Adopt a process until you're able to develop your own
  • Develop and design your own brand

Whether you're a freelancer, contractor, or full-time business owner, this course will help you develop your foundational attributes and personality (and design career).

Starts Sept. 15, 6–7 PM Central

What you will need:

  • Designers only: Illustrator (or another vector-based application),
  • All: Paper,
  • All: Pencil (or pens or markers),
  • All: Acrobat (Reader or Pro),
  • All: Word Processing App (MS Word, Pages, Google Docs, etc.),
  • All: Chrome browser.
    Courses will take place on Vectera, which requires Chrome but no application to download!

Plus, Designers will get bonus sessions on the design process!

Virtual Meetings

I use Vectera for these courses. It's easy and doesn't require any additional software–just a Chrome browser. It makes virtual client meetings easy. It's 100% free for you as my course participant to use.

But, it might be something to consider for your own business. In case you're in need, I'm sharing a bit more about why I like it.

If you click on my contact page and schedule an appointment, you can see how it looks on the client side. You/the client can choose to have a virtual meeting or a phone appointment. That's pretty great because sometimes clients are on the road, or we need to talk but don't need to share the screen. My side of setting up that type of meeting and availability is super easy! It's easier than other schedulers I've tried. I only occasionally use the whiteboards, cobrowsing and document annotation. The scheduler is my favorite feature, even more than the actual video conferencing. Haha!

If you'd like to use Vectera for your business, this affiliate link will take you to the Vectera site, where you can learn more. No pressure or tracking, I promise. I'm just sharing it because I do like a lot and have found it to be the most helpful tool.

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