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Analyzing Content

You start with content because it can take weeks or months to develop it all. Why start with hosting and all the other tools when the content is the priority and the first step. Starting with content sets you up for better design, better messaging, and investing your business money wisely. No need to pay…

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Content Overview

Creative Alliance of Tacoma magazine

“Let’s see what you have to say.” Content is king. What are you trying to say here? This is one is the hardest but most important part of the web site. You can have a poorly designed site but have a bit of success with great sales copy. Even well-designed sites are 100% ineffective without content.…

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Portfolio: SSF Running

SSF Running logo mockup

SSF Running BRANDING FOR RUNNING COACH Uses negative space to highlight how Stephanie uses knowledge of body mechanics and endurance with strength for faster running, a unique approach that completely redefines the limits of her athletes. Tail Tales Blog SSF Running It’s not about the business; it’s about who the business serves: the customer. More…

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Portfolio: LIA

LIA Branding

Portfolio Life Inventory Assessment (LIA) This is a sub-brand of Illumination Experience and tool for a hypnotherapist. More From the Tail Tales Blog

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