A 24/7 Bail Bonds

  • A 24-7 Bail Bonds
  • Entry for Creative Alliance of Tacoma’s Logo Challenge.
    • Choose a logo design from your own design past.
    • Redesign it.
    • Tell the story about the redesign. (Ex: Why did you choose this different direction?)
    • The goal of this challenge is to demonstrate growth.
    • Creative Alliance of Tacoma’s Logo Challenge.
  • About This Project
    • The original logo was more of an adorable jailbird character (illustrated by Billy Holmes) with disjointed typography in a circle placed rather awkwardly nearby. There were two elements, the jailbird and the typography, placed next to one another and intended to make a logo. The illustration of the jailbird was and is spot-on! But, the rest of the logo lacked any cohesion and didn’t convey that this was an established business and lacked some professionalism.
    • The goal of the redesign was to make a more sensible union of the elements with the bird more visible and integral in the design. The diamond lockup is a nod to the family game board jail we all know. Emphasizing the services, I used a break between lines in the name help. In the original “bail bonds” was unnecessarily repeated in a secondary tagline.  The orange color is based on the original orange beak color, the orange jumpsuits of penitentiaries, and the black for the stereotypical stripes of the jail bars.
  • Original Design

    A 24-7 Bail Bonds logo, character, and business card design
  • Redesign

    a-24-7 Bail Bonds redesigned logo