The Disrupters With Candace and Bill

The Influence of Color

The Disrupters invited me into the studio to discuss the influence of color on our emotions and behaviors.
Wild Child Group, Candace Thompson, branded documents mockup

Evolution of a Logo: Wild Child Group

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The original logo and concept are clever with the shape of the elephant’s face, changing directions at the trunk and tusks. However, there are three reasons why this clever logo wasn't working as effectively as it should.
The Disrupters With Candace and Bill

The Disrupters, Design and Career

Candace and Bill invited me to join their podcast to discuss the value of design and a little bit about my career evolution.
Image of Liv With Love Note Card

Live With Love

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Rebranding a roaming hairstylist: How can she rebrand to attract new clients for other services without losing her existing client base?
My first foray into desktop publishing, magazine layout image

My First Foray Into Desktop Publishing

Secretly, I wanted to do what Red's mom was doing. I just didn't know it had a name other than "working at the newspaper office." Desktop publishing was foreign and wouldn't become part of my life until my mid-twenties.
Biases regarding aesthetics and attractiveness photo

Perception Biases Regarding Aesthetics and Attractiveness

How aesthetics and attractiveness perception biases influence our emotional connection (behavior). Aesthetic design is perceived as user-friendly. Likewise, perceived high attractiveness is associated with intelligence, morality, and sociability. Therefore, aesthetic design and inherent aesthetic human features contribute to even greater influence together.
Why Aren't You Blogging? I don't know what to write about

I don't know what to write about

Blogging is important for a number of reasons, like SEO and credibility. However, many business owners struggle with what to write. It doesn't have to be so hard. And, you don't need to rely on white papers. Here are some suggestions to get you thinking and on an easy path.
Photo of protesters, Make America Think Again

Analyzing How Great Designers Think

William Lidwell analyzes how the greatest of designers in modern times think and what heuristics they shared that made them revolutionary. From simplicity to dedication to quality, Lidwell outlines 10 principles to elevate design thinking.
Elephant photo, elephants never forget

Who cares what your logo looks like! Brand reputation matters.

The logo design sets the visual tone for the rest of the visual branding. However, it's insignificant if the business has poor customer service, low product quality, and/or overall negative customer experience.
Skagit Valley Tulip Festival

A Day in the Tulips

Kim and I spent the day wandering through the tulips in Washington's Skagit Valley.
Old Cash Register Keys

Old Oakwood Bank, Relationships, and Modern Business

Lesson from an old bank in Oakwood, TX may solve our social media woes. Focus on relationships. Posting or spouting my thoughts from a soap box will not achieve my goals or deepen relationships. Interacting with genuine conversations does.
Ideas Take Shape, blog post image

Ideas Take Shape

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Designers use the senses to instill the message and/or brand in the minds' of the clients. Using memory triggers effectively can boost brand recognition and recall making it more likely to get the call when the client has a need or referral.
Is it Time to Rebrand? blog post image

Is it time to rebrand or redesign your logo?

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Upscale or upgrade your business logo to reflect the emotional connection the business desires to have with its audience. Logos are the visual representation of a brand and should be the second step in a rebranding process to business counseling.
Ruff to Pawsome by Rhonda Negard of Fat Dog Creatives

Web Site and Social Media Tips for Small Businesses

Make sure links on your site that go to external sites always open in a new window. Social media profile photos should be clean, consistent with the brand and consistent across all channels.
Kerstin K, portrait

Signature Portraits: Kerstin K

Natural and everyday beauty is in every woman, but she often loses sight of it from the fog of self-doubt or bad relationships. The idea behind these portrait sessions is to reach inside her and draw out that happy person she once was and can be again by boosting her confidence with gorgeous, minimally edited photos.