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Evolution of a Logo: Bronze Star Home Team

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Juan Delgado retired from the military and started a new business. When he joined Keller Williams South Sound, he wanted his real estate business to help military families moving into or finally settling into the Lacey and Olympia areas and he wanted to ease the career transitions for his military brothers and sisters. My challenge was to convey all of this with his brand identity.
DuPont, WA Photographer

What to Wear for Your Photoshoot

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In order to look your best in photographs, you should wear fitted clothing. Use longer sleeves to mask heavier arms or loose skin. Avoid large patters, graphics, and text, which tend to distract.
Creative Alliance of Tacoma logo

Creative Alliance of Tacoma, a Community and Networking Group

When my husband asked me recently what my career goals are, I sounded like a starry-eyed child dreaming of things that were as connected to one another as the stars are to me. Nonetheless, I’ve had these dreams for years and for years dreamed that they’d all be happening at once.... That’s when all the stars that had once been so far away and so disconnected aligned into one constellation…in the form of a feline.

Miracle on Martin Way: Homeless Helping the Homeless

God is working miracles every day through an unlikely person. He's a veteran. He's homeless. He has a record. It's not in spite of his past but because of it that's he's able to do the work God has laid before him.

New Customer Reward, Loyalty Penalty

How would you feel if you're returning to your favorite store and buying the newest item at full price only to hear the customer next to can get a discount on that same new item...because they're a "new" customer? After getting the discount, why would the new customer return knowing they'll always have to pay full price after the first purchase? Why would the loyal customer return if they too will always be paying full price? REWARD loyal customers to keep them returning.
Rhonda Wood Negard, alpha dog and graphic designer, at Fat Dog Creatives in DuPont, WA, Pierce County, Lakewood, Lacey, Olympia, Tacoma graphic design

Logo Design Process

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The logo design process is different for every designer. Here are four steps and considerations for designing a logo in the age of continual change.
DuPont, WA Photographer

Signature Portraits

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Sunday's photo shoot was with a friend. Thanks to the crazy weather for more than a month, we had to push back the date repeatedly (thanks a lot, snow). It was well worth the wait. We only had two outfits but three hair styles--one natural and two wigs! How fun!
Crowded stairwell: How I Network

How I Network

The art of networking isn't selling or counting how many interactions you have. It's all about quality. How to make quality connections quickly without talking about yourself.
Bad Design Kills blog header image

Design Saves Lives, Bad Design Kills

Smart, good design is revolutionary and saves lives. Bad design is everywhere. Stand out with smart, good design.
Logo for Circle E Ranch, Cultivating Ethics: Discreet & Tailored

Get Smart, Business and Career Goals for 2017

We hear all the time about the importance of setting goals. “Put a picture of a yacht on your wall and it will soon be yours.” Let’s face it, if that were true, you wouldn’t be able to find a square foot of open water.
Use expiration dates to draw customers when you want them. By Annie Koestermann

Urgency In Marketing

Coupons with a longer expiration date can be kept by the consumer until it’s useful for them. They are great for the service industry, especially for recurring needs or more expense purchases. Shorter expiration dates work well for retail stores and less expensive purchases. Many retail purchases are want driven. Create the desire, offer a great incentive and limit the time to act. If that timeframe is too long, desire could fade or you allow an opportunity for a competitor to offer a better deal.
Fix It Fresh, fresh food fast logo

Evolution of a Logo: Fix It Fresh

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Wendy creates fresh foods packaged weekly for healthy meals that stay fresh. She's smart with her preparation--putting ingredients together that won't wilt, weaken, or sour too soon. Therefore, freshness was the key word for all design concepts.
GoGo Gift Bags by Erin Borges

A Gift Wrapping Revolution!

The gift bag has not changed since 1987, yet remains the number one choice for consumers when wrapping packages. GoGo Gift Bag™ includes all of the necessary components to present a fully concealed gift in less than fifteen seconds with eighty percent less tissue paper, which saves users time and allows for wrapping on the go.

Example Use of Color in Logos

A symbol intended as a PR effort became so much more. I love New York!
Logo for Circle E Ranch, Cultivating Ethics: Discreet & Tailored

Evolution of a Logo: Circle E Ranch

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When ethics violations or struggles arise, the Ranch is the solution. Whether it's preventative or corrective, this discreet training program helps establish a new code of ethics for professionals in highly regulated industries. Therefore, the brand needed to be stable, trustworthy, and protective.