Logo for VCC

Evolution of a Logo: Veterans Christian Charity

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Veterans Christian Charity's Jack Potter is called to get homeless veterans off of the streets and into homes. How inspiring that Jack himself is a homeless vet! Read more about this charity.

Creating a Collaborative Culture

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How do we transform a mindset so deeply ingrained in us--in our American culture? How do we transform from a competitive nature to a collaborative spirit?... I watched Simon Sinek’s Ted Talk called How Great Leaders Inspire Action.

Which Came First?

Study the affects of media on the American culture. From social media to print to radio to television to digital ads, the American society is bombarded with images and messages. Does it affect the American culture?
industry or brand genericide by Rhonda Negard of Fat Dog Creatives

Industry Genericide

Photographers, real estate agents, and insurance agents, if you don't want to be seen as a dime-a-dozen, don't make your logo look like a dozen others designed on a dime. Genericide is real, and you're hurting yourselves when you jump on design trends within your own industry.
Logo for LiVEgan: Fit-Driven

Evolution of a Logo: LiVegan

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Mona Chmeis had an idea. Because she's vegan and respects the life of any living, breathing animal, she noticed a gap in the vegan clothing marketing. Mona created LiVegan to provide a safe apparel shopping experience for vegans.

How Going Digital Changed a Church

Last year at this time, I was wrapping up a logo design for Mt. Tahoma Baptist Church and starting on their new web site. After 12 months they gained an awareness of the possibilities and needs, so they were ready for update to the site.

Evolution of a Logo: Diva Photos

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From playful photo booths to beautiful portraits, Diva Photos captures milestone moments with her life cycle photography. Fat Dog Creatives' Rhonda Negard created a logo that encompasses all of this playfulness and elegance in one.
logo for Malinda Says So, voiceover talent

Evolution of a Logo: Malinda Says So

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Logo design for Tacoma, WA voiceover talent.... I knew that to be playful, I wanted a font with more rounded corners. I wanted the letters to be thick so I could play with the alignment, kerning, etc.
Castle Lane Creations, logo design by Fat Dog Creatives, Rhonda Wood Negard

Evolution of a Logo: Castle Lane

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Bryan and Shelly Hinzman, Castle Lane Creations, create custom laser cut and etched gifts. From wood and acrylic to vinyl, they use all types of media for both the art and production. Designed and etched products on wood are some of my favorites of their pieces.

Life Is About God Works

This design illustrates the importance of relying on God and not thinking that you only have to be a "good person" in life to have an afterlife. For Christians life is about faith in God. One may do great works, but without faith they are nothing.

My Secret Identity Revealed

Blunder Woman is a parody on the Wonder Woman logo. I swapped two Ws for B and W. I used a rounded font to symbolize the ample chest and backside that contribute to my accidents.
Judith Poe Jewelry, photo by Life in an Image, Neil Gandhi, logo by Fat Dog Creatives, Rhonda Wood Negard

Evolution of a Logo: Judith Poe Jewelry

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Austin, TX jewelry designer, Judith Poe, creates custom high-end jewelry. Judith Poe translates and conveys emotions and concepts in each beautiful piece of jewelry.
Intown Outsourcing logo

Evolution of a Logo: Intown Outsourcing

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The small to mid-size business cultural norm in Austin, TX is to work with other local businesses. It's also common to telecommute. Kathleen combined both into one great name for her bookkeeping and office management services.
DuPont, WA Photographer