RGB illumination

Understanding Color and the Screen

In the last post about color, we discussed color for printing, CMYK, and spot colors. You may remember the following questions, which we must address again, but this time regarding screens like your monitor, tablet, and phone.Why…
PANTONE Swatchbook

Understanding Color for Printing

Color changes because color is light. What other colors are nearby change the color of the object being viewed. It's important to understand this basic principal before continuing with your project. Why? Because seeing your beautiful logo in…
On Writing Well by William Zinsser

On Writing Well

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Don't think you write well? Want to learn from a pro...for less than $20? It took me two days and one night to read and write this review, which I submitted during grad school. I received an A+ for writing well about On Writing Well. Ha!https://fatdogcreatives.dependablewp.com/on-writing-well/

Color Psychology and Graphic Design: Beyond Black and White

Media Week’s "The Color of Money", Eleftheria Parpis examines the art, science and psychological appeal of bright colors. The Toy State’s Road Rippers collection sought for differentiation from major competitors like Matchbox and Tonka for…

Color Psychology and Graphic Design: Black and White

Gary D. Sherman and Gerald L. Clore explore the connotations of black and white within the American culture in the article entitled, “The Color of Sin: White and Black Are Perceptual Symbols of Moral Purity and Pollution.”Within the…

Color Psychology and Graphic Design: Literature Review

The use of color psychology is key in logos, branding, packaging, competitive point-of-purchase, attention-grabbing, signage, and all other forms of marketing and advertising. Designers use color for identification and emphasis.As a result,…

Color Psychology and Graphic Design

Colors produce immediate associations and reactions. The subconscious registers the messages from these associations. Whether the root of these associations lies in instinct or socialization, a genuine reaction occurs.The use of color significantly…

Color Psychology and Graphic Design: Color Affects Mood

The influence of colors on attitude and behavior in individuals is on conscious and subconscious levels, but primarily subconscious. People are generally not aware or even believe they are affected by color at all.
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