Rhonda Wood Negard, alpha dog and graphic designer, at Fat Dog Creatives in DuPont, WA, Pierce County, Lakewood, Lacey, Olympia, Tacoma graphic design

Evolution of a Logo: Shear Consulting Collaborative

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One of my favorite experiences is when I stumble onto an idea when doing something unrelated. I was working on illustrative shapes for another completely different project. Before I knew it, I had the base for what became the Shear Consulting Collaborative's logo mark.
Face Card logo for Creative License Studios

Evolution of a Logo: Face Card

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Making an interactive business card. Face Card is the low-tech door to the high-tech business story--a business card with a QR code links to videos of the business owner's compelling story. It's a lovely marriage of low and high tech.
Logo for TrainLifeFit Austin, Sumair Bhasin

Evolution of a Logo: TrainLifeFit

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This is one of my favorite examples of collaboration!