logo for Malinda Says So, voiceover talent

Evolution of a Logo: Malinda Says So

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Logo design for Tacoma, WA voiceover talent.... I knew that to be playful, I wanted a font with more rounded corners. I wanted the letters to be thick so I could play with the alignment, kerning, etc.
Castle Lane Creations, logo design by Fat Dog Creatives, Rhonda Wood Negard

Evolution of a Logo: Castle Lane

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Bryan and Shelly Hinzman, Castle Lane Creations, create custom laser cut and etched gifts. From wood and acrylic to vinyl, they use all types of media for both the art and production. Designed and etched products on wood are some of my favorites of their pieces.
Judith Poe Jewelry, photo by Life in an Image, Neil Gandhi, logo by Fat Dog Creatives, Rhonda Wood Negard

Evolution of a Logo: Judith Poe Jewelry

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Austin, TX jewelry designer, Judith Poe, creates custom high-end jewelry. Judith Poe translates and conveys emotions and concepts in each beautiful piece of jewelry.
Intown Outsourcing logo

Evolution of a Logo: Intown Outsourcing

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The small to mid-size business cultural norm in Austin, TX is to work with other local businesses. It's also common to telecommute. Kathleen combined both into one great name for her bookkeeping and office management services.
Mt. Tahoma Baptist Church branded paper system

Mt. Tahoma, One Hand at a Time

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My husband started chatting with a nice gentleman who was tending to his overheated granddaughter. Upon discovering I'm a graphic designer, his wife shreaked, "Oh, good! Maybe you can help with our Web site!"
Rhonda Wood Negard, alpha dog and graphic designer, at Fat Dog Creatives in DuPont, WA, Pierce County, Lakewood, Lacey, Olympia, Tacoma graphic design

Evolution of a Logo: Shear Consulting Collaborative

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One of my favorite experiences is when I stumble onto an idea when doing something unrelated. I was working on illustrative shapes for another completely different project. Before I knew it, I had the base for what became the Shear Consulting Collaborative's logo mark.
Logo for TIIA, Texas Independent Insurance Adviser
Face Card logo for Creative License Studios

Evolution of a Logo: Face Card

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Making an interactive business card. Face Card is the low-tech door to the high-tech business story--a business card with a QR code links to videos of the business owner's compelling story. It's a lovely marriage of low and high tech.

How Logos Are Developed

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Are you curious about how your logo project gets started?
Logo for TrainLifeFit Austin, Sumair Bhasin

Evolution of a Logo: TrainLifeFit

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This is one of my favorite examples of collaboration!
6 Steps to Building Virtual Real Estate on the Web

Virtual Real Estate: What it Takes to Start a Website

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You need a website. Where do you start? The one thing easy with web design is confusion. This document may help to clarify it for you before you make the investment.