As people, we are all more than one or a series of moments. Don’t we all want another chance? You can view Lance Armstrong’s efforts as of late as personal rebranding. Is it working, or will it work?

Kolby Kilbas in the #AgencySummit quoted Tony Robbins. “Success leaves clues.” Model strategies work. Playing with the best breeds success. I’m looking for those clues.

The Disrupters invited me into the studio to discuss the influence of color on our emotions and behaviors.

Candace and Bill invited me to join their podcast to discuss the value of design and a little bit about my career evolution.

How aesthetics and attractiveness perception biases influence our emotional connection (behavior). Aesthetic design is perceived as user-friendly. Likewise, perceived high attractiveness is associated with intelligence, morality, and sociability. Therefore, aesthetic design and inherent aesthetic human features contribute to even greater influence together.

William Lidwell analyzes how the greatest of designers in modern times think and what heuristics they shared that made them revolutionary. From simplicity to dedication to quality, Lidwell outlines 10 principles to elevate design thinking.

Designers use the senses to instill the message and/or brand in the minds’ of the clients. Using memory triggers effectively can boost brand recognition and recall making it more likely to get the call when the client has a need or referral.

The logo design process is different for every designer. Here are four steps and considerations for designing a logo in the age of continual change.

How do we transform a mindset so deeply ingrained in us–in our American culture? How do we transform from a competitive nature to a collaborative spirit?… I watched Simon Sinek’s Ted Talk called How Great Leaders Inspire Action.

Study the affects of media on the American culture. From social media to print to radio to television to digital ads, the American society is bombarded with images and messages. Does it affect the American culture?

Don’t think you write well? Want to learn from a pro…for less than $20? It took me two days and one night to read and write this review, which I submitted during grad school. I received an A+ for writing well about On Writing Well. Ha!