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7 Steps to Building Virtual Real Estate on the Web

7 Steps to Build Real Estate on the Web

How to make sense of all the tech jargon

The Web Simplified

While reworking all of my online documents, I stumbled on this one that I made several years ago as free download on my website. I still use it to this day to explain all the parts and steps of a website using real estate analogies because people understand real estate, their homes.

No matter what kind of home you have, an apartment, a duplex, a mansion, a single-story single-family home, etc., they all have these core elements, like a kitchen (or some area for cooking small meals), bed, bathroom, etc.

While you may not have been part of the construction of your residence, you likely have a general understanding or at least have heard the words for plat maps, blue prints, renderings, and construction.

The website process has a lot of words and activities too that can get confusing and complicated. But, we can construct a better understanding by walking through the web process the same way you would a home construction process.

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