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Green Geeks Web Hosting Webinar: 7 Must-Have Elements to Make Your Website Amazing

Green Geeks Webinar: 7 Must-Have Elements to Make Your Website Amazing

Aka: How to not be the cat. Make your website the dog every visitor wants to greet. We will cover seven elements that will amaze and delight your potential clients and grow your business. The simple fact is that it doesn't matter how good you are with what you offer that leads to success. The "winners"...
Tips on Faster & Reliable Communications With Your Clients and Community for Business, Emergencies, Privacy, and More

For Clients in Rural Areas, Tips on Faster and More Reliable Texting, Calls, and Info

I wrote this for a small town chamber website client. Most of my clients are in urban areas, but my clients' clients often live or vacation in rural ares that have such limited signal that they cannot use their phone, at least not the native phone or texting apps. That's why I decided to repurpose the...
Small Towns and Chambers of Commerce: The Hardest, Most Rewarding Service for Cultivating Community, Visitors Bureaus, and Economic Development

Small Towns and Chambers of Commerce: The Hardest, Most Rewarding Service for Cultivating Community, Visitors Bureaus, and Economic Development

Here's what people from cities, even cities of 50,000 residents, don't understand about small towns--actual small towns. Public transportation, what’s that?  Most small towns are rural. They don't have public transportation. The closest thing they have to public transportation is what’s now known as Uber but without the app. A person calls someone who lives or...
Shannon Communications website design

Beaver Builder, Meet Shannon

I've been working on a new site design and build for Shannon Communications, a branding and communications consultancy here in San Antonio. This site is an expression of the brand she's built, but it's also an expression of everything I love to, for whom, and learning and applying what I've learned. I've had an ongoing contract...
photo of pastel assortment of eggs

Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket.

For Easter Sunday don't put all of your eggs in one social media basket. With the upheaval over Facebook's information gathering and sharing ethical crisis, it's another sign that your own website (and building an email list) is the most important platform for your business. A few years ago, Vine was the hot, new, video version...

The Builders Podcast With Matt Levenhagen & Rhonda Negard

Watch Episode 47: Meet Rhonda Negard – Her Story Becoming a Business Owner, Leaving Corporate to Build a Business & More on the Builders Podcast Website and see his show notes. This episode emphasizes the importance of networking, which is exactly how Matt Levenhagen and I connected. Why I don’t call my business an agency...
7 Paid & Free Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Website

7 of the Best Paid and Free Avenues to Drive Traffic to Your Website Right Now

By Warren Laine-Naida Oh, God. Another blog post about increasing traffic to my website? Wrong. Yes, we lured you here on that pretext, but you’re going to leave this post thinking dollars instead of clicks. Sound good? Excellent. Pull up a sofa and grab your coffee! So, what is Traffic?  I guess you know, otherwise, you...
Responsive Website for Bridget Willard dot com on a Macbook

A Dragon, a Widow, and a Bird: A Case Study on Rebranding Bridget Willard, LLC

What do a dragon, a widow, and a bird have in common? It’s the start of a joke, right?  The Inside Scoop, a Story for Context These are actually parts of the story of my latest client and newest friend, Bridget Willard. She packed up her life and business last year (2020) to uproot herself from...