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Bridget Willard, LLC

Rebrand, Website Redesign

"Going through Rhonda’s rebranding process forced me to think about my customers, empathize, the intersection of our goals and desires, and how to communicate the story with a new message, voice, logo, assets, color palettes, and icons." — Bridget Willard

This project included on-page SEO, multiple marketing landing pages, web design and rebrand.


Website Redesign

San Antonio Economic Development Foundation rebranded to greater:SATX with the experts at BTY Creative, which developed the brand messaging, style guide, including, typography, patterns, colors, and photographic style.

My role in this has been (currently underway) to apply the UX process and these new standards to a redesign of the website.

Gulf Coast Conference


Besides upscaling the brand, the old brand identity reflected the venue, where the conference had been held for decades. No longer wanting to be tied to one location and having the option to move and expand was a significant part of this rebrand.

Case Study (coming soon)

Berman Films


Adam & Mariko Berman cover the globe with their unique, and highly professional advertorials and arthouse film work.

In demand by leading athletic brands, online retailers, and other Fortune 100 companies, this duo's branding is minimalistic and monochromatic, embodying the high-end tastemakers they continue to serve.

Bradley Scott Commercial Real Estate


A well-established commercial real estate business, needed a rebrand. They needed to reflect their attributes and resonate with their client base. It was not a major overhaul; meaning, they had the culture and processes down.

The rebrand Case Study provides a look at the obstacles and how they were overcome.

Texas Apartment Association

Event Design

Each year TAA holds a large conference for those businesses and professionals that service the apartment/multi-family industry.

Mozak Design

Rebrand, Website Redesign, eBook, and slide decks

The brand visuals needed to match the experiences people have had with Jocelyn—the depth of her knowledge, energy and heart. It had to reflect the dynamics of experiencing her—the depths of transformation.

SSF Running


Coach Stephanie (Smarter, Stronger. Faster, Running.) trains athletes on the nuances of running, taking time to answer the what, when, why, and how of training and racing. This unselected concept represents that missing piece that she provides and well as focusing on the nuances of her approach.

Wild Child Group


The normal way of doing business isn't going to make fortunes or create a legacy. Wild Child's Candace creates solid strategies and put systems for breakthrough growth.

Case Study

Liv With Love


What we do for people is not in the service we sell but in the transformation we create. That's how we renamed, rebranded, and repositioned Liv.

Case Study

A 24/7 Bail Bonds

Rebrand/redesign for Creative Alliance of Tacoma

A client from the early 2000s and still very successful got an update in a contest to challenge skills and demonstrate the growth designers experience over their careers.

Illumination Experience


This experience dives participants into the life tools and truths of the 4 Life Success Elements: clarity, confidence, community, and commitment. The colors, style, type, and graphic elements visually reinforce these four concepts. 

Judith Poe Jewelry


The new identity needed to be simple, timeless, and unique to reflect the clientele and Judith's original designs. Effortless luxury, sensual sophistication, and confidently stylish. Read the Case Study.


style="color: #a9a7a4;">Rebrand

Owner, Mona says, "You don't have to eat vegan to live vegan." Animal-friendly, cruelty-friend apparel and accessories for the animal-conscious athlete and workout. LiVEgan is Fit-Driven, Heart-Driven Athletic Apparel.

Ivan the Gorilla

Website Redesign

The foundation was making a shift in goals from preserving Ivan's memory to education and wildlife habitat conservation. The new site provides a fun exploration of Ivan's story and the need for conserving natural habitats. Kids and adults alike can easily navigate the site with large and intuitive graphics and buttons.

New Generation Strategies

Website Redesign

The first website for this community leader and team, this site was designed and tested with users 65+ years of age on mobile devices for usability. Large, clickable areas and larger body text makes the content easier for those with visual impairments from aging.

WordCamp Seatle

Website Redesign, badges, signage, and handouts

Each year a new group of volunteers work throughout the year to prepare for the next annual WordCamp. It's more restrictive than most design projects. The rules for site are that WordPress Core themes are the only themes allow. Only a small list of pre-approved plugins are allowed. This means, no page builders. Any design created has to coded by developers. What a project! The 2019 team was one of the easiest teams I've worked with in years. Kudos to Ryan, the lead organizer!

Orphans of War

Website Redesign

After their website broke and wasn't recoverable, TSO Media worked through the old content we found in web archives and started redesigning the entire site. Hoping to attract new donors and further their mission, we worked to tell the story of the orphans and highlight their needs. All photos on the site are actual photos taken during the mission trips. I used graphic elements to help emphasize the realness of the photos and draw on nostalgia.

Due to unrest in the area and the safety of the volunteers, the site has been disabled and archived until it is appropriate to go live again.

Lind Pest Control

Website Redesign

Modernizing the platform, upscaling the design, streamlining the content, and restructuring the site contents meant a major overhaul for the Lind Website.

Mt. Tahoma Baptist Church

Rebrand, Website Redesign
The church had limited web presence. They had a site that no one could access or update. It was dated, not just in design but in content too.

Woody's Smokehouse


This 30+ year old business needed a more consistent brand. While well-known, they were scattered with their brand messaging, which lead to a lot of confusion.

Brian Johnson Insurance Solutions

Website Redesign

Designed and tested with users 65+ years of age with large, clickable areas and larger body text makes the content easier for those with visual impairments from aging.


I get it.

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