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Aspirational Brand & Design

Creating a Solid Brand

The mutt isn't the one confused about his identity. Everyone he meets tries to categorize him, but he's got too many similarities to other breeds without one of them being dominate and obvious. He's not memorable because he's not clear on exactly what his job is.

If you serve everyone, you're serving no one. You also cannot be everything to everyone, so don't bother trying anymore. Get clear on your ONE thing (how your business is the "only" in its category).

Illustration of a mutt

The Mutt's Identity Crisis

Rebranding and collateral design to turn your
potential into achievement!

Design strategies to create a
memorable brand or campaign


Could gamification help you clarify your message? Do you need help to not just get attention but be memorable? Design with strategies to help you create a memorable and "sticky" campaign.

Ad design on iPad


Marketing Design

Editorial Layout


Editorial Design

Boost Your Brand


You've started your business and tested the market. You know you have a viable business. It's time to break that ceiling to reach the next level of growth. You're serious about growth now. You know success is not only possible but within reach. Position your business in its rightful place.

Eliminate Confusion

Steps to Get Started

Branding (visuals and messaging) that lacks consistency lacks followers. Your brand champions are waiting for you to get to the point, be clear, and solve their problems!

Initiating the Process

You need to know what you're getting and if it fits into your budget.

You want to connect to determine if we are a good fit and get some answers to questions to reach a decision.

You're ready to get started and submit a project overview form.

You review the contract, sign it, and pay the accompanying invoice.

You book your workshop to begin the process of outlining your brand foundation.

The branding workshop may be taken as a stand-alone service or as part of the branding packages. If you take the workshop only and later wish to begin the design process, you'll receive 10% off of the package total.

iPad branding mockup

Client ID Card: Identify Your Ideal Client

Uncovering their motivations, habits, hobbies, etc. to help you reach then where they are

Why Rebrand?

Lastly, you’re wanting to appeal to your ideal client, not to yourself. Not every business needs a rebrand. However, there are several reasons a rebrand might become necessary.

At Odds

Business owners are emotionally and financially attached to their business and its products and services. Often, they confess that the business’s visual representation(s) of the brand is at odds with how they feel about their own business. Or, the logo and supporting visuals don’t match how the consumers feel about the business. They don’t represent the business well. They need a facelift.

Next Level

Establish Your Brand and Web Presence


“Your brand isn’t what you say it is; it’s what they say it is.” – Marty Neumeier, The Brand Flip

Using Stanford’s Core Method, we’ll distill the attributes of your brand together for a unified understanding.

Website Design

You can edit and manage your aesthetic, affordable, responsive Word Press website site with confidence and ease with the best user experience.

Expand Your Brand’s Reach

Editorial Design

From lifestyle, regional magazines to educational books, position your business, magazine, or book as the go-to expert in a field. Good design matters and aids in elevating the position in the market.

Event Designs

From the event logo to way-finding signage and from large entrance units and hanging aisle marker, branding your event in a big way doesn’t mean a bank-breaking budget. Steps, floors, railings, windows, any surface in your venue can deliver your message and theme.

Marketing & Advertising

If you don’t have a strategy, this step could be a waste of time and money. I can make referrals for you to a number of marketing and business consultants who can help you plan your content, strategy, and delivery. Then, I’ll step back in and provide the design expertise for the project.

If you're ready to take your business seriously,

we're seriously ready for you!

Wild Child Group Rebrand

Candace Thompson, Wild Child Group, provides business consulting. She works her clients hard. Her process involves a lot of work on their part. Candace looks at the numbers and creates a strategic plan to propel the business to the next level. She lives and breathes her tagline, “Disrupters of Normal.” This means, don’t be satisfied with status quo or risk missing out on significant growth and legacy.

Her branding did not possess that “next level”, high-end, highly knowledgable and experienced professional. We worked to identify what her brand was communicating, what she wanted to communicate, and what her clients need from her.

Tail Tales Blog

Bradley Scott Commercial Real Estate

It’s not about the business; it’s about who the business serves: the customer.

Bradley Scott Commercial Real Estate rebrand and rebranded documents
Bradley Scott Moodboard
Bradley Scott Commercial Real Estate logo mark mockup

Mozak Design Rebrand

Jocelyn is by education an engineer and currently works as a website developer, which explains how she was able to hone in on and refine her processes so quickly and efficiently. Five years, she made the switch from freelancer/solo-entrepreneur to an agency allowing her to focus more on the technical/development than the aspects of design and marketing.

She knows code. She can write and edit. She’s quick and detail-oriented, a typical engineer.

Tail Tales Blog

Salon Sass: Available for Purchase

When great concepts go unused... it's too good to be abandoned.

This is ideal for a moderately edgy and fun suburban salon for women and teens only.

This sassy haircut matches the sassy style. The script font used for the name has both smooth, feminine, curvy elements of a woman and the sharp precision of the scissors on the upstrokes of the letters.

Salon Sass logo mockup
Salon Sass business and appointment cards mockup
Salon Sass letterhead mockup
Salon Sass thank-you card mockup

Why Clients Love Working With Fat Dog Creatives

Testimonials from Real clients

Rhonda is the absolute best graphic designer/creative person. I've used Fat Dog Creatives for two completely different businesses and am always surprised at how far she exceeds my expectations. Rhonda takes your vision and brightens it - turning it into a dream come true. I truly feel like there is not anybody who could have brought my vision to life like she has. She does an incredible job. A dream to work with. So thankful to have known someone that recommended her to me. Don't look elsewhere, Fat Dog Creatives is #1.

photo of Mona Chmeis
Mona C. — Owner, LiVEgan

Rhonda takes great care of her clients. She really listens and draws out important details that help her clients build their brands.

Tamara Hanks
Tamara H. — Owner & Designer, Hanks Design

If you're ready to take your business seriously,

we're seriously ready for you!

Ideal Client ID Card cover image

Identify Your Ideal Client

Discover who s/he is, her/his motivations, habits, hobbies, etc. to determine how to reach her/him and where.

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