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The Brand & Logo Design Process Explained

Remember, you’re wanting to appeal to your ideal client, not to yourself.

Brandin process game board

You are starting a new business, a new program, an event and need a logo. Well, that’s not all you’ll need. That’s why logo design is often part of a brand package and brand strategy. Brand is a buzz-word and is often misused. Let’s understand it first from the man who literally wrote the book on branding, Marty Neuemeier.


“A person’s perception of a product, service, experience, or organization; commercial reputation”—The Dictionary of Brand by Marty Neuemeier


“Any effort or program designed to increase value or avoid commoditization by building a differentiated brand”—The Dictionary of Brand by Marty Neuemeier

Brand Strategy

“A plan for the systemic development of a brand in alignment with a business strategy.”—The Dictionary of Brand by Marty Neuemeier

Note: Don’t contact a designer to create a logo as your first step for “branding” your business. Logo design follows a brand discovery or strategy session. It’s typically one piece of the design puzzle. There’s more thought and reasoning behind a design than a favorite color or family crest.

The rebranding process starts here!

Eliminate Confusion

Steps to Get Started

Branding (visuals and messaging) that lacks consistency lacks followers. Your brand champions are waiting for you to get to the point, be clear, and solve their problems!

Initiating the Process

You need to know what you're getting and if it fits into your budget.

You want to connect to determine if we are a good fit and get some answers to questions to reach a decision.

You're ready to get started.

You review the packages, select a package, review and sign the contract, and pay the invoice.

You book your workshop to begin the process of outlining your brand foundation.

The branding workshop may be taken as a stand-alone service or as part of the branding packages. If you take the workshop only and later wish to begin the design process, you'll receive 10% off of the package total.

If you‘re ready to mark
your spot in your category,

I'm ready to show you how!

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