Branding Project: Dependable (WordPress Hosting)

Mockup of Dependable Logo

More Than Words: Meaning and Context When Dependable was still in the early stages of development for the new fully-managed WordPress website hosting platform, the owner, Brad Delaney, also long-time owner of Sound Strategy, contacted me to work with him on branding the platform. During the workshop, we identified the following brand attributes: Culture: Fun,…

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Bradley Scott Commercial Real Estate

Bradley Scott Commercial Real Estate rebrand and rebranded documents

Bradley Scott, an established commercial real estate business for forty years, rebrands to reflect their attributes, history, and mission to resonate more with their client base and new generation.

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Evolution of a Logo: Mozak Design

Mozak Design logo mockup

In November I finally met Jocelyn Mozak in person after connecting with her on social media a few months earlier. We were both speaking at WordCamp Seattle. Little did I know when I first met her that we were speaking on the same topic. When I realized it, I was concerned. ‘Oh, no! People might…

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Evolution of a Logo: Compliance Diagnostics

mockup of Compliance Diagnostics logo

Certain aesthetics are more appealing to certain socio-economic classes. This deceptively simple, monoline design uses a monochromatic color palette to appeal to wealthier clients and the businesses that serve them.

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Evolution of a Logo: Wild Child Group

Wild Child Group mockup of logo

The original logo and concept are clever with the shape of the elephant’s face, changing directions at the trunk and tusks. However, there are three reasons why this clever logo wasn’t working as effectively as it should.

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Liv With Love

Liv With Love logo on window

Rebranding a roaming hairstylist: How can she rebrand to attract new clients for other services without losing her existing client base?

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Evolution of a Logo: LiVegan

LiVEgan logo mockup

Mona Chmeis had an idea. Because she’s vegan and respects the life of any living, breathing animal, she noticed a gap in the vegan clothing marketing. Mona created LiVegan to provide a safe apparel shopping experience for vegans.

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