• A Website Experience

    The Role Your Website Plays: A 24/7 Sales Force

    If it's orange, it's clickable. (Try the dog's bone.)

  • A Website Experience

    The Role Your Website Plays: A 24/7 Sales Force

    If it's orange, it's clickable. (Try the dog's bone.)

Golden Retriever

See! This is an action triggered by your click.

  • Lead Magnets

    Downloadable files for enticing visitors to purchase your services.

  • Social Sharing Images

    These featured images on pages make social sharing more appealing and effective.

  • Content Planner

    Make it easier to keep your ideas and schedule on track. This kanban board is in Miro, where your project planning is done and shared with you.

  • Templates

    Templates created from the final design allow you to build new pages or sections quickly and easily.

  • Design in Phases

    Agencies needing only scope of work (SOW), design, and/or build can pay for one of these three phases as needed.

  • Pro Tools

    Professional site theme and page builder and other great resources for top-notch sites!

  • Gap Content Prep Course

    (Coming soon!)

    Write, organize, and share your content with your designer/developer.

  • Hosting Recommendations

    Professional site theme and page builder and other great resources for top-notch sites!

  • Domain Name Registration

    Info on where to by your domain name, domain extensions, and how prices may vary.

Do you have a lazy website?

Put it to Work!

Bulldog exhausted

Is your website working for you or sleeping on the job?

While “lazy websites” generally refer to the load time, here a lazy website doesn’t do anything for your business. A website should generate interest in your service, create sales, facilitate communication, and establish your expertise.

(Hot tip: You must write about your work!)

The Role of Your Website

A 24/7 Sales Force

If your website is little more than a business card, it’s sleeping on the job. Employ one that serves you and your clients while growing with your business. Site visitor stats are little more than vanity metrics. The real metrics of effectiveness are the number of leads and contacts you generate from your website.

Besides site design, we'll discuss a strategy for you to grow a list of leads you can nurture into real, paying clients. Learn how lead magnets can help you grow your business by nurturing potential clients through the sales cycle and let your website be of service to them...and you!

82% of consumers feel more positively about a brand after reading customized content.

With a website redesign, rebrand, or coordinated event materials, ...

We’ll create a memorable experience that truly represents you – and your clients. You'll have a more focused perspective – focus on your goals, and people will follow.

My life’s work and extensive background helps me guide you to become the memorable leader you are.

dog bowl fill 94% of the way

First Impressions

94% of first impressions are design-related, a modern look without any outdated clichés

dog bowl fill 75% of the way

Need a CTA

70% of small business websites lack a Call to Action (CTA) on their homepage.

dog bowl fill 75% of the way

Design Credibility

75% of consumers admit to making judgments on a company’s credibility based on their website design.

If you need a new or redesigned WordPress website or to migrate from another platform, we can work together to create a solution for your clients' needs.

The Process


Discovery Call

Discuss the project, get a feel for fit

Book a Call

Contract & Invoice

When you're ready to move forward, request your contract and invoice. Pay 100% upfront per phase or 100% of all phases.

Download Package Info

1. Scope of Work Phase

A.k.a. Audit Phase: During this phase, a content audit, site structure review/update, digital product inventory (and recommendations), and an overall understanding of what is/isn't working on your existing site (or content planning/structure for your new content).

Content audits text, pages, and assets (images, videos, graphics, audio, PDFs, etc.), as well as social sharing and backlinks counts, content/page performance and recommendations. This information is documented and shared with you.

In short, this is where we plan how to reuse existing content, what new content is needed, what functionalities will be needed and where, and how to more effectively facilitate your clients' needs.

We will also discuss:

  • Hosting
  • Domain Registration
  • Site security
  • Backups

For those needing help with content:

Agencies, enterprise-level clients seeking UX design, please visit the agencies pages and contact me for more information.

UX Design

2. Design Phase

During this phase, the information gleaned from the SOW helps determine content placement and that for the first-level pages (top-level pages that are not the homepage) and mockups are created and reworked based on your feedback.

  1. 1-3 Homepage concepts presented, feedback documented
  2. 1-2 Homepage and 1 first-level page mockups presented, feedback documented
  3. Homepage and first-level pages designs finalized, feedback documented

3. Site Build Phase

Once the design is finalized, the site build begins. Only limited design changes can be made in this stage in order to stay on track. This is why the design phase is all in mockups. If more design changes are needed, change orders are billed at an hourly rate.

Sites are primarily built in WordPress. However, I can work with clients using any of the following platforms:

The site is built on a staging server in order for everyone involved to see and interact with it. You and your team will beta test the site and report any misdirected, broken content flows, and the like in order to make the website experience run smoothly.

Hosting Options

Site Launch!

You get the keys to your new home on the web, and it's live for the world to visit!

Site Training

All clients get one hour of training, most break it up into two half hour sessions in order to first get familiar with the platform and then a second session to address more specific and complex tasks.

Schedule Training

Site Maintenace

No need for maintenance if you're hosted on Dependable's WordPress hosting platform!

Maintenance plans include;

  • Performance checks
  • Product updates
  • Backups
  • Product/service expirations, renewals, and license documentation

Maintenance plans for Big Commerce, Craft CMS, and Sitefinity are limited.

Maintenance Plans Inquiry


I get it.

These free downloads can help give you clarity on web design and build terminology and what you need to know to take full control of your website.

  • Web Terms Demystified

    Learn the terms used in designing and developing a website in order to fully understand what you need and don't need.

  • Web Maintenance Checklist

    How to maintain a safe and secure site with a fail safe – a full backup!

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