• Market Like a Dog (in a Good Way)

    Marketing materials to get your message read! Inspire action!

  • Market Like a Dog (in a Good Way)

    Marketing design to get your message read! Inspire action!


Get your clients to bite!

Beagle running

Your Voice to Your Clients

Designs with your brand, clients, and goals in mind

Many projects include designs for both print and web. Let’s discuss your needs, marketing opportunities available, and options that fit both your needs and opportunities.

Whether it’s shirts, pens, magnets, toy cars, branded candy, or koozies, I work with Armadillo Advertising and Crown Creative Marketing for reliable, quality products and service.

Hunter Benefits Consulting Group

Hunter Benefits Consulting Group brochure design
Hunter Benefits Consulting Group logo redesign on a polo shirt
Hunter Benefits Consulting Group trade show booth mockup

Private Logo & Products

Peace, Love, & Amber party invitation
Peace, Love, & Amber party logo mockup on a shirt
Peace, Love, & Amber party logo mockup on a bag

Branding, Social Media Templates, & Promotional Products

Woody's Smokehouse in Centerville, TX full page ad design
Woody's Texas T-shirt

Bridget Willard, LLC

Email graphic for confirmation email
Bridget Willard, LLC polo shirt with new brand identity
Bridget Willard logo on a mug
Sample branding for social media for Bridget Willard's Instagram account
40th Birthday invitation

A Marketing Strategy Matters

If you don’t have a strategy, this could be a waste of time and money. I can make referrals for you to a number of marketing and business consultants who can help you plan your content, strategy, and delivery. Then, I’ll step back in and provide the design expertise for the project.

Anything you use to generate leads or make sales is marketing material. Marketing is timely, deliberate, and may follow trends and current events, unlike your branding, which should aim to be timeless.

Marketing with multiple touch points connected by a thematic message is a marketing campaign. It may focus on a specific season, service you provide, or be tied to an event or series of events.

I work with marketing consultants or agencies to plan and execute marketing campaigns.

What's Needed to Get Started?

  • Content

    Your content comes in several forms:

    Text, aka copy or the words
    Images, aka assets, include:
    product, location, and employee photos, and stock photos and graphics
    If you need additional stock photography, the costs for those images will be invoiced separately.

  • Brand Standards

  • Purpose

    Before we get started, we discuss the purpose of the project, where and how it will be distributed, and to whom the project will be delivered. All of this effects the dimensions, layout, and other features, like interactive buttons for electronic delivery projects.

    Provide all content prior to start of project.

Do you need a writer?

Writers for Hire

Uncomplicate the Web: 7 Steps for Understanding the Web

Every industry has its own jargon. You know that speaking in jargon from your industry confuses and frustrates your clients. The web being only a few decades old and always changing, the industries involved in the web can barely keep up for themselves, which makes it hard for them to talk about the web in terms anyone can understand. 

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