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"We've never been so organized with our website tools!"

—Integrated Communications at greater:SATX

Role: Website redesign, UX and UI (This project is still in development.)

  • Added a search functions for users to more easily find the content they need.
  • Developed meaningful color plan for actions (buttons & links), images, headers, and content that are compliant with accessibility standards.
  • Removed sliders and other unused/ineffective modules taking valuable real estate in the hero section.
  • Prioritized organizational goals and key membership content by placing key documents and news in the top section of the homepage.
  • Created news section and added it to the homepage for easy access.
  • Added first level page links to homepage for an overview of content on in those sections.
  • Added alt tags to all images for search and screen readers.
  • Added labels to any linked text that does not include context text.
  • Features:
    • Membership user roles and protected content by roles
    • Job board
    • Regional, interactive maps
    • Document management, tracking
    • Front-End templates, global modules, easy-to-update content

Rebrand, logo design, and brand standards provided by BTY Creative in San Antonio, TX.

More design gallery images coming soon!

Interactive Preview: Hover over image