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Collaborative Partners

Creative agencies, consultants, developers, and marketers: Your creative partner

Favorite Dog-Lovers (Collaborators) Brad Delaney Dependable Developer Billy Holmes Private Subcontractor Illustrator Kim Thornton Kim in the Kitchen Business Coach Robert Nissenbaum TSO Media SEO, Social Media, & Content Consultant Jocelyn Mozak Mozak Design Developer W. Jeff McDaniel Private Subcontractor Illustrator Candace Thompson Wild Child Group Business Consultant & Trainer Bridget Willard Bridget Willard (dot…

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Mirrors Don’t Show What’s Inside

Illustration of a dog looking into water

In spite of the insanity that is 2020, the introspection that’s resulted from such significant changes, division, alone time, loneliness, disconnections, virtual life, etc. has shown me what I value most and how my actions haven’t always demonstrated that. The greatest revelation was about my health. I made changes to demonstrate how much I value…

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Greedy Old Dog With a Bone

Greedy Old Dog With a Bone books & video hero image

Preview of the book Greedy Old Dog A Song Becomes a Book It was my very first favorite song as a very little girl. I was in love with dogs, anything to do with dogs. Even though only one version and the chorus includes a dog metaphor, it didn’t matter. The fact that the dog…

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Gap Branding Course

Gap Digital Course: Branding promo image

Enrollment will open soon! REQUEST INFO & BE THE FIRST TO ENROLL Sign up to be notified when enrollment for the next class begins! Look for a “Sprint” version of the course for those needing fill their time during the holiday season from November to January. Bridging the gap between education and experience. A live…

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Flavor of Success

Clumsy dog GIF

How many times have I failed? What do I count as a failure? If I learn from an experience, is it still a failure? One of the most memorable messages I heard from Pastor Earle at Shoreline Christian was,: “It’s not that you fall that defines you. It’s not that you get up. It’s how…

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Wrinkles, Victories, & Wisdom

Wrinkles are like battle scars. Quote by Richelle Goodrich

My husband has had these adorable smile lines and wrinkles by his eyes. He’s had them since before I met him more than ten years ago. I know he’s prefer they not be there. As we age together, we’ve added more wrinkles and scars. 10-20 years ago, I’d have hated the idea of more. But,…

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San Antonio Branding & Design

Rebrand & Web Design Specialist Confidence & Connection By Design With Fat Dog Creatives Get Started With a Discovery Call For entrepreneurs with proof of concept ready to step up their game. How can we get you from where you are to where you want to be? THE MUTT: WHO YOU ARE Branding GOLDEN:WHAT YOU…

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