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graphic that reads "The monster in the comments"

Cyber Bullying, The Monster in the Comments

The Monster in the Comments: How Small Businesses Can Deal With Cyberbullies and Trolls We all know that the consequences of cyberbullying and trolling have become a dramatic problem for individuals, but in the past few years, it has also become clear that they are dramatic problems for businesses as well. This article takes a look...

How to Market to People Not Like You

By Tasha Stukes & Rhonda Negard If you're looking for a quick and actionable marketing book, How to Market to People Not Like You is an excellent choice. Author Kelly McDonald guides readers toward smart tactics for reaching out to diverse customer groups and provides vivid examples of understanding values to better serve customers. Reaching new...
mockup of Compliance Diagnostics logo

Evolution of a Logo: Compliance Diagnostics

Logo design is my favorite type of design. One has to learn or know the industry, the client, the business, and their target audience. Then, the design must establish that smooth, appealing bridge from one to the other. What is Compliance Diagnostics This business serves financial institutions, which are highly regulated. Regulations mean being diligent about...
Wild Child Group mockup of logo

Evolution of a Logo: Wild Child Group

Evolution of a Logo: Wild Child Group Thinking Galactically, Acting Globally, Responding Locally Candace Thompson, Wild Child Group, provides business consulting. She works her clients hard. Her process involves a lot of work on their part. Candace looks at the numbers and creates a strategic plan to propel the business to the next level. She lives...

The Disrupters, Design and Career

The Disrupters Podcast My Design and Career Candace Thompson and Bill Lee of The Disrupters invited me to chat about design on their podcast, and I had such a great time! Thank you so much for letting me gush about my passion. We discuss my career evolution and the value of design. To learn more about Candace and...
Liv With Love logo on window

Liv With Love

A little compassion can go a long way. Liv's business needed a reboot. She needed to build on the good but abandon without reservation every aspect that wasn't. How can she rebrand to attract new clients for other services without losing her existing client base? She's known in her community, so she has some name recognition...
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Perception Biases Regarding Aesthetics and Attractiveness

Perception, Value, and Usability Perception biases go beyond commodities and pricing. (Read also the article, Simplicity and Perception.) Artists of all media and disciplines use aesthetics to influence viewers', listeners', and users' emotional state during and after the experience with the artistic work. Aesthetic properties used to influence might be colors (warm tones for sensuality and sensitivity;...
LiVEgan logo mockup

Evolution of a Logo: LiVegan

Fit-Driven Vegan Athletic Clothing Mona Chmeis had an idea. Because she's vegan and respects the life of any living, breathing animal, she noticed a gap in the vegan clothing marketing. There aren't many places that sell vegan clothing and even fewer sell it exclusively. Then, she noticed an even larger gap and overlooked segment of the...