Bridget Willard, LLC

  • 2021 Website Redesign

    I understand her brand really well by now; I’ve known her virtually for almost 3 years and have had to pleasure of seeing her in person at Seattle WordCamps, including watching her give the keynote address. Therefore, I also know her passion and can see her potential. Site visitors need to be able to see not just her but also themselves in this and feel the excitement of working with someone so genuine and passionate.

    • Assigned color roles for actions (buttons, links), headers, and body copy
    • Organized content by user and business goals, like services done for you and do it yourself
    • Designed and developed social sharing template images
    • Designed and developed front-End templates, global modules, easy-to-update content
  • 2021 Rebrand

    I was a bit surprised but excited when Bridget said she wanted a rebrand. Why? She's "grown up" as a professional. Her prior branding was no longer reflecting her expertise, approach, or audience, so we we got to work on faming who she serves, how she she eases their pains, and how her clients feel after working with her.

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  • Editorial

    eBook: If You Don't Mind Your Business, Who Will? by Bridget Willard

  • Marketing

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Digital Publications (Website, eBooks)
Custom, Branded Assets (Graphics)

2019 Projects

Website Redesign

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