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Bridget Willard website hero image

Website Redesign Case Study: Bridget Willard

By Rhonda Negard | April 26, 2019

WordPress Website for Read also Bridget’s case study on the need and process for the redesign Before Bridget contacted me, her site looked like what you’ll see in the video below. In it Jocelyn Mozak (Mozak Design) gives some helpful feedback for design, function, and voice/perspective. Of course, all of this is assuming Bridget’s…

graphic that reads Where does your website fit?

Where does your Website fit?

By Rhonda Negard | April 16, 2019

Regardless of what your website looks like, what platform you use to manage its content, or where it’s hosted, it shouldn’t be a “one and done” type of project. You need to incorporate your website into your marketing plan. It needs to play an active role in your business! Listen here: For many businesses, e-commerce…

The Disrupters Podcast: Branding and Websites

By Rhonda Negard | March 20, 2019

I recently joined The Disrupters on their great podcast again, Candace Thompson of Wild Child Group and Bill Lee of Keba Agency, to discuss the importance of branding and the business website. How to hone in on the words that describe your brand’s: Culture Voice Feeling Customers Impact Differentiator Use these words to filter everything you do…

Creativity and Marketing

By Rhonda Negard | March 20, 2019

Todd Brogowski of Todd’s Written Word and Rhonda Negard spoke with Candace Thompson of Wild Child Group and Bill Lee of Keba Agency discuss creativity, memorability, and insulting your intelligence. Fitting in is a death sentence. Exercising your creativity, even in small ways, helps your business and quality of life Creativity, memorability, and insulting your…

mockup of Lind Pest Control

Lind Pest Control & Inspection Services

By Rhonda Negard | February 1, 2019

The original Lind site didn’t communicate the value of the team, the care they provide their customers, or their dedication to the community.

graphic that reads "Military families have businesses"

How Can Freelancers in Military Families Buy Locally

By Rhonda Negard | January 3, 2019

Buying locally was easy in a population with pride in local goods and services. My struggle and the internal conversation began not only when I left the Austin area but also when I landed in yet another part of the country running my own graphic design business. How can I encourage buying locally when my locale changes frequently?

Commonly Requested Resources for Online Businesses

By Rhonda Negard | December 19, 2018

I’ve been doing my own research and have been asked by others for solutions on a number of topics. This is a list I’ve compiled from my research and from recommendations from colleagues. Those in bold are what I am currently using. CRMs Dubsado ActiveCampaign Infusionsoft OntraPort Zoho Course Platforms WordPress LearnPress LearnDash LifterLMS Sensei…

Sins of Genericide graphic

Sins of Genericide: Death of Women and Brands

By Rhonda Negard | December 11, 2018

Branding isn’t about a pretty logo, swirly typography, pastels, pinks, flowers, birds, “empowering” women, or how much you love coffee. Apparently, everyone’s doing it, which is reason enough for why you shouldn’t. Branding is about the needs of your clients, having a unique, consistent, and compelling story that separates you from the crowd of competition.

Making Your Case Studies Irresistible

By Rhonda Negard | November 7, 2018

A friend was adopted when adoptions were closed, meaning she could never know her biological mother or father–a story to make Ancestry irresistible.

Personal Blog

Illustration of a dog looking into water

Mirrors Don’t Show What’s Inside

By Rhonda Negard | September 19, 2020

In spite of the insanity that is 2020, the introspection that’s resulted from such significant changes, division, alone time, loneliness, disconnections, virtual life, etc. has shown me what I value most and how my actions haven’t always demonstrated that. The greatest revelation was about my health. I made changes to demonstrate how much I value…

Clumsy dog GIF

Flavor of Success

By Rhonda Negard | August 17, 2020

How many times have I failed? What do I count as a failure? If I learn from an experience, is it still a failure? One of the most memorable messages I heard from Pastor Earle at Shoreline Christian was,: “It’s not that you fall that defines you. It’s not that you get up. It’s how…

Wrinkles are like battle scars. Quote by Richelle Goodrich

Wrinkles, Victories, & Wisdom

By Rhonda Negard | August 17, 2020

My husband has had these adorable smile lines and wrinkles by his eyes. He’s had them since before I met him more than ten years ago. I know he’s prefer they not be there. As we age together, we’ve added more wrinkles and scars. 10-20 years ago, I’d have hated the idea of more. But,…

Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway. Quote by Susan Jeffers

Graduating and Killing Dreams

By Rhonda Negard | August 9, 2020

Congrats, Grads! My nephew just graduated from college. It’s 2020, so it doesn’t feel real. 🤷‍♀️ It might be underwhelming for him; I’m pretty sure it is for his parents, who would have loved to have the in-person event. Of course, they are still quite proud of him and his achievement. Congratulations to all 2020…

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