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Where & Where sliders can work on your site

Why Sliders Aren’t Doing What You Think: A Good Idea for Your Website?

While I've complained about sliders (a.k.a. carousels) for more than a decade, there are situations where they are appropriate. I used to advise web clients that having a slider means limiting the amount of text on each image to the absolute minimum to get the message across and limiting the number of slides to 2 or...
Do you need your logo on every slide? It's a presentation, not NASCAR.

You’re the alpha dog. That’s why they asked you to speak. Do you need your logo on every slide? No.

Why You Need Branded Slide Decks: Branded V. Logo This topic isn't discussed enough. For most people "branded" means putting your logo on something. While that's 100% true with cattle, it's not when it comes to your business, especially slide decks. Think of the last event you attended (virtually or in-person). If they were using slides,...
Ivan the Gorilla dot com website mockup on an iPad

Case Study: The Ivan Foundation

By Robert Nissenbaum, TSO Media My First Interaction With Ivan At the entrance of the Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium in Tacoma, Washington is a sculpture of a Gorilla. I remember wondering why it was there. It seemed odd, out of place. Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium does not exhibit gorillas – and they have never...
WP Watercooler Smart Marketing Show with Bridget Willard and Jason Tucker

The Ultimate Marketing, a Network of Support It's one thing to network for clients and referrals yet another thing entirely to build a support network. What do we mean by support? Developers and designers don't know everything in their fields. After all, tech changes every 20 minutes. It's easy to become out of touch on an odd client project. Who do you...
Increase Engagement on Your Site

Increase Engagement With Website Visitors with a Simple Image Map

The longer we can keep visitors on our site, the more interested they may become, and the more likely they'll become clients. Interactive elements are a great way to increase engagement, which not only keeps visitors on your site longer, it may also improve your customer service with "self-service". However, Gartner reports, "Only 9% of customers...
WP Watercooler YouTube image reads, Marketing Your Brand With A Family of Colors

Marketing Your Brand With a Family of Colors

I started 2021 as a guest on the Smart Marketing Show podcast. I always enjoy talking with them and their enthusiasm. Show Summary You have a business and a logo. Awesome. You may even have memorized your color's hex code. But what about different moods? What color shouldn't be used in your logo? On this episode,...
WP Watercooler YouTube cover image that reads, What is an empathy map, and why do we care?

What is an empathy map, and why do we care?

In this episode, Rhonda Negard joins Jason and Bridget again to talk about how an empathy map helps with your user experience (UX). You’ll want to take notes during this show! Download (copy to your Google Drive) for this episode: Empathy Map Thank you for being a preroll sponsor, ServerPress! ServerPress is the maker of...
Freelancer Marketing Angles

Freelancer Marketing Angles In an uncertain economy, the most important way to market yourself as a freelancer isn’t your rates. In this episode, Jason and Bridget are joined by Rhonda Negard of Fat Dog Creatives to discuss the marketing angles freelancers always forget — reliability and delivery. The Futur’s “How Much Should I Charge as a Freelancer” video inspired this...