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Ease your overwhelm and transition into management

Affinity Diagrams Can Ease Your Overwhelm & Transition Into Management

You're Now a Team Supervisor Leadership skills are great but can go unused or at least missed if you get bogged down in the "job" and don't have experience or mentoring to be a good manager. I remember being in that very position. I was a new marketing manager and excited to flex my intellectual muscles...
11 Books designers should read

11 Books Designers Should Read

Now that I'm teaching at a local university, I'm asked often about what books I read or recommend for further reading. So, I've compiled a short list of my favorites thus far. Whether you're a design student or have been in design but looking for more, you can benefit from the content in the books listed...
It's okay to not fit in: Embrace the "too"

Embracing the Too

Just last Monday, I was listening to The Women at Work show on Wharton School of Business Radio. The show guest talked about one of her clients who was very different. Rather than getting coached to fit in, look and act like a woman is expected to be in business, this woman embraced her "different" qualities....
photo of Orphans of War Website on a desktop, laptop, and tablet display

Case Study: Orphans of War Website Redesign

TSO Media was already working on plans for a website redesign for Orphans of War when their website was hacked. Plus, they didn't have backup systems in place. It was all lost. The good news is that because they were already working on new content with TSO Media, they took advantage of the otherwise bad situation...
Making a statement with intention

Making a Statement With Intention

Do your website, materials and presentation project the expertise you have and the message you intend? Professional Speakers and Digital Course Creators Your website is your hub and reliable connection to your market. A website for speakers and Course Creators must:  Build credibility Provide value Cultivate new opportunities/students Professional Speakers You need to a site that demonstrates your expertise in the subject...
Mockup of Dependable Logo

Branding Project: Dependable (WordPress Hosting)

More Than Words: Meaning and Context When Dependable was still in the early stages of development for the new fully-managed WordPress website hosting platform, the owner, Brad Delaney, also long-time owner of Sound Strategy, contacted me to work with him on branding the platform. During the workshop, we identified the following brand attributes: Culture: Fun, Reliable,...
Making your site readable and useable for impaired visitors, accessible websites

Accessible Websites: Making your site readable and useable for impaired visitors

Colors: How to use your color palette to enhance your brand while being accessible During the 2019 redesign of this site, accessibility has been a growing concern and it should be! I create sites for clients, who may or may not know about all the ADA compliance guidelines. It's now my responsibility to ensure go...
Judith Poe Jewelry logo design

Evolution of a Logo: Judith Poe Jewelry

This was one of those surprise projects that was fun yet challenging. Judith referenced high-end jewelers she aspired to. She knew she wanted a typographic mark, simple, elegant, and timeless. She had a clear vision of what she liked and the direction she wanted to go. She shared photos of some of her favorite pieces to...