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You Deserve an Advocate
in Your Absence.

Mark Your Spot
in Their Minds!

Rebrand, Web, & Presentation Design Specialist

Executives Turned Entrepreneurs

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"Design is the silent ambassador of your brand."
— Paul Rand

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Claim Your Territory in Your Clients' Minds

"It's not what you say but how you say it that matters."

Design, color, and typography are what you're saying beyond the words you're using. Often, they can contradict the words. That's where the confusion begins. Instead of confusing, you need to be clear so you can stake your claim to that spot in your clients' minds for what you offer.

Gap Digital Courses: Branding

A live webinar series for entrepreneurs and new designers seeking understanding in the branding process

You will be both the client and the designer. Experience the branding and creative process to develop and design your own brand.

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"I'm not getting the right kinds of clients."

Does this sound like you?

I don't know how to attract clients online. I'm not getting the right kind of clients, and struggling to raise my prices.

I'm tired of looking and feeling like an amateur. My branding and website don't match my level of expertise in my field. I am losing business to my competitors. I'm not getting referrals. I'm not explaining what I do very well.

You are not alone!

I help executives turned entrepreneurs transform their own and former colleagues' mindsets so that they can effectively tap into their established networks and grow.

What are you saying beyond your words?

Meet Bridget Willard

She's a pro at social media. But, sending potential clients to her site meant making apologies or excuses for its design. She felt her site didn't reflect her expertise.

After a thorough review of her site, brand, and goals, we didn't just change the design of the visuals, we reorganized, categorized, and contextualized everything in a fun, clear way!

This could be you too!

Bridget Willard, social media manager

Now, Bridget is proud of her site, and it shows in everything she does.

Her site wasn't the only transformation.

Her audience is noticing her and reaching out more and more.

Her message and methods of working with clients are clear!

Her confidence has soared.

She's motivated to develop new, unique, and valuable content.

She's making physical changes too!

If you‘re ready to mark
your spot in your category,

I'm ready to show you how!

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Not Ready Yet?

It's okay! I've got you.

You can get started on your own with these guides.


Ideal Client profile download

Identify Who
You Serve

Ideal Client Profile


Guide to Real Estate on the Web

Make Plans for
Your Virtual Business



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Manage Your Site Yourself


Unleash your potential and grow!

You can sniff your way to the next level with the tips, courses, and step-by-step instructions in the newsletter. (I promise not to inundate your inbox.)

An effective approach means
turning your dreams a reality.

That requires making real changes.

"If you do what you’ve always done,
you’ll get what you’ve always gotten."

Tony Robbins

Tail Tales Blog

Bradley Scott Commercial Real Estate

It’s not about the business; it’s about who the business serves: the customer.

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Keeping Dreams in the Clouds
Is not living

My dream has been to grow a business that transforms people. Goal-oriented, growth-focused, life-long learners, and transitioning professionals are most receptive and achieve the most significant transformations, not just with their branding, websites, and presentation materials, but also and more significantly within themselves, as well as their confidence and connection to their business goals and target audiences. 

My work and continued research have focused on implanting concepts into memory for businesses to be associated with the values and services my clients provide. 

I want to help you be and feel more effective, professional, approachable, memorable, and desirable!

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