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A rebrand, web, event, and presentation design specialist for entrepreneurs who want to be noticed and memorable.

“Americans are very big about loving the dog first... They're actually looking for you to be the pack leader.”

— Cesar Millan

Take the lead!


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Web Design

"I need a website."

Brand Design

"Brand me like a pro!"

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Best in Breed


Best in breed means, excellence from start to finish. The best businesses are those that value design and consistency so their clients know exactly who they are, what they do, and why they do it. No need to be the mutt with the identity crisis when it comes to your livelihood and passion.

Fetch Your Brand

Best in Show

Web Design

Your business is awesome! Let’s show the world your awesomeness. Don’t just follow others – be the leader. When you add branding into the mix, your website relaunch will be more than a redesign – it will truly reflect the leader you are. That’s how your brand becomes memorable – not just "well known".

Get a Blue-Ribbon Website

Show as a Champion


Whether you're exhibiting at an industry trade show, presenting during a conference, or networking with peers, your displays, handouts, and presentation designs should be as credible, professional, and smart as you are. Elevate yourself and your brand with top-notch, strategic design.

Dig New Leads & Mix With Pros at Events
Austin Technology Council
Austin Ice Bats
Texas Apartment Association
Texas Dental Association
Real Estate Council of Austin
Texas Mortgage Bankers Association
Montgomery County Partners for Animal Well-being
Southwest Showcase

"Am I standing out as the trusted expert?"

Roughly 50% of new businesses close within five years of being open. (Bureau of Labor Statistics via Legal Zoom)

Which of these feel like you?

  • I'm tired of looking inexperienced and boring.

    I’ve been in this line of work for decades. My branding and website don't convey my level of expertise or rates.

  • People don’t know what I do for a living.

    I have difficulty explaining to people what I offer and how I’m different.

  • How do I transition from executive to entrepreneur?

    I used to work with my colleagues, but now I’m a business owner. How can I change that perception?

  • I'm not getting any referrals.

    My clients and peers don’t refer me to others. Why is this?

It's not what you say, but


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Claim Your Territory
in Your Clients' Minds

Design, color, and typography are what you're saying beyond the words you're using. Often, they can contradict the words. That's where the confusion begins. Instead of confusing, you need to be clear so you can stake your claim to that spot in your clients' minds for what you offer.

"If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten."

— Tony Robbins

Still Sniffing Around?

That's okay!

Sometimes we’re unsure of new experiences. Let’s get you started with these guides.

  • Web Terms Demystified

    Learn the terms used in designing and developing a website in order to fully understand what you need and don't need.

  • Web Maintenance Checklist

    How to maintain a safe and secure site with a fail safe – a full backup!

  • Ideal Client Avatar

    Empathize with your clients by understanding who they are.

All Services for Alpha Dogs

  • Web

    Design & Front-End Dev

  • Branding

    Persona, Visuals

  • Events

    Exhibits, Trade Shows

  • Editorial

    Multi-page Layout, Publication

  • Marketing

    Digital & Print

  • Presentations

    Slide Decks & Handouts

Solidify Your Brand’s Position

The only way to lead a pack is to be in the front.

Leaders follow leaders.

With a website redesign, rebrand, or coordinated event materials, ...

We’ll create a memorable experience that truly represents you – and your clients. You'll have a more focused perspective – focus on your goals, and people will follow.

My life’s work and extensive background helps me guide you to become the memorable leader you are.

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photo of pastel assortment of eggs

Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket.

A few years ago, Vine was the hot video social media platform. Vine stars grew followers/audiences quickly. Overnight, the platform died. All those followers…gone. All that social media collateral…gone. All that social media influence…gone. They were forced to start over again.


The Builders Podcast With Matt Levenhagen & Rhonda Negard

Watch Episode 47: Meet Rhonda Negard – Her Story Becoming a Business Owner, Leaving Corporate to Build a Business & More on the Builders Podcast Website and see his show notes. This episode emphasizes the importance of networking, which is exactly how Matt Levenhagen and I connected. Why I don’t call my business an agency…

7 Paid & Free Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Website

7 of the Best Paid and Free Avenues to Drive Traffic to Your Website Right Now

By Warren Laine-Naida Oh, God. Another blog post about increasing traffic to my website? Wrong. Yes, we lured you here on that pretext, but you’re going to leave this post thinking dollars instead of clicks. Sound good? Excellent. Pull up a sofa and grab your coffee! So, what is Traffic?  I guess you know, otherwise,…

Where & Where sliders can work on your site

Why Sliders Aren’t Doing What You Think: A Good Idea for Your Website?

So few users ever interact with sliders. If “only around 1% of users click on sliders (Erik Runyon)”, you’ve potentially lost a lot of leads or repeat business.

Uncomplicate the Web: 7 Steps for Understanding the Web

Every industry has its own jargon. You know that speaking in jargon from your industry confuses and frustrates your clients. The web being only a few decades old and always changing, the industries involved in the web can barely keep up for themselves, which makes it hard for them to talk about the web in terms anyone can understand. 

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